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YMC Co., Ltd. Komatsu Works, Japan
YMC Co., Ltd. Komatsu Works

Seika Corporation of America is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services for preparative chromatography. As a full range supplier of preparative HPLC products, we are pleased to offer packing materials, systems, and components designed to meet your most demanding applications. We proudly distribute YMC Co, Ltd. chromatography resins.

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Preparative Chromatography Products and Services

Seika Corporation of America offers the following products and services to its clients:

Seika Affiliates

Through its affiliate companies in Europe and Asia, Seika Corporation of America is able to provide local solutions for its customers on a worldwide basis. For more information on worldwide support please select one of the links below.

YMC Co., Ltd. - Japan

YMC Co., Ltd. - Japan
YMC Europe

YMC Europe